Advantages of our In-house Trainings and Workshops:

  • Through optimal learning conditions, you achieve the best learning success
  • The training content is exactly tailored to your company
  • Only those topics which are relevant for you are included in the trainings
  • A number of your staff are simultaneously brought to the same level of knowledge
  • You will obtain extensive training documentation, tailored to your specific needs
  • Your staff save substantial time by avoiding travel time
  • You also enjoy cost savings, for example, by avoiding travel time


Our in-house trainings and workshops can cover all IFRS or US GAAP topics which are relevant for your organization. Possible contents include:

  • IFRS or US GAAP basic topics
  • Comparison and significant differences between the different financial reporting systems, including differences to German GAAP
  • In-depth coverage of selected topics, such as leasing, intangible assets, business combinations, and many others



Our in-house trainings and workshops can also be tailored to certain groups of participants and their particular needs, for example:

  • Management members at all levels
  • Employees in the areas of accounting and financial reporting, tax department, controlling, and others

Our Approach

  • In an initial meeting, together we establish the topics, objectives and participant groups of the training
  • For the optimal transfer of knowledge it is important to learn the participants’ level of knowledge and their expectations
  • We create the optimum conditions and, if desired, arrange a training venue near your organization
  • We provide not only the necessary content but also the optimum teaching skills for the best learning success
  • You receive training materials tailored to your situation
  • The key to a successful learning process is a pleasant work atmosphere. We take the approach that “a little bit of fun is also okay”.


We would be happy to discuss this with you personally under +1 708 628-3890, or contact us here.