We provide financial reporting support in all areas, for example:

  • Research regarding individual accounting and reporting issues/documentation of results
  • Support in specific areas (for example, deferred taxes)
  • Identification and processing of relevant differences between US GAAP and IFRS
  • Development and preparation of reconciliation from US GAAP to IFRS or HGB
  • Support in the preparation of IFRS/HGB reporting packages

Examples of specific Support Measures

Interpretation and formulation of IFRS rules and guidelines for the Company

The accounting and financial reporting rules under IFRS, similar to US GAAP, in some cases tend to be generalized. It is therefore necessary for the company to develop rules and interpretations of the relevant standards to be in compliance with those of the German parent company. We assist in the interpretation of the applicable rules and standards and the preparation of corresponding documentation.

Examination of accounting policy objectives and implications

For most US companies, IFRS and HGB represent different sets of rules than US GAAP and in some cases even different financial reporting cultures. It is important for the Company to recognize and understand the accounting and reporting policy effects on the balance sheet and results of operations. We can analyze, among other aspects, the effect on key performance indicators and the conformity of the financial reporting with your corporate objectives.

Coordination with the year-end auditor

Compliance with the requirements of the external auditor can demand the time and resources of management and other employees. Often, such requirements and the resulting time pressure result in operational bottlenecks.

For the cooperation with the year-end auditor we provide, among others, the following services:

  • Preparation of information for the auditor
  • Project management and the administration of open points in connection with the audit
  • Preparation of presentations on audit subjects
  • Coordination of meetings with the auditors

Trainings and Workshops

(See Training and Workshops)

This is only a selection of the services which we would be pleased to render to your company. If there are other topics which are relevant for you, please contact us.